Have You Ever Purchased a Hoarder House?

When I aboriginal saw the TV appearance ‘Hoarders’, I wondered how they begin all those houses.

After affairs houses for years, I apprehend that hoarder houses are everywhere. Shocking!

The aloft photo is from one of the hoarder houses we purchased. Hundreds (thousands?) of dolls. They were in EVERY allowance on both floors with abandoned a aisle to airing through. And boxes. And all of the accessories. I never absolved through that abode alone. Chucky?

But so abounding humans accept houses blimp with things. Sometimes they’re affected out – this woman was confused into a retirement association by her children. Sometimes I assumption they’re just done? We’ve had assorted houses area it looks like the sellers accept just gone out to run an assignment – all their appliance and clothes still there – dresser, kitchen and bath cabinets abounding – closets abounding – refrigerator abounding – claimed items still larboard lying around. Perhaps they just arranged a attache and left? I assumption if you’re done, you’re done.

How do you, the buyer, get rid of all the stuff? That can end up getting a huge expense.

One abode we purchased had 62 tires inside. What?!

I’ve approved lots of things to abstain carriage it all to the dump (think expense). I’ve approved “moving” sales, affairs to vendors at flea markets (“for abandoned $X bulk you can accept everything”), conservancy army, any donation analeptic sources, Craigslist.

One time, I had a abode with a amount of beyond items left. Lots of old, beat appliance but absolutely still usable. I put photos on Craigslist and said, “FREE. Abode accessible from 12 apex to 12:30pm. Come with a truck.” I larboard the abode accessible and went aback by afterwards 1pm. Nothing larboard but crumbs. It was fabulous.

Naturally, we accept aswell spent $thousands at the dump elimination houses. We ask sellers what they plan to leave (and achievement they’re honest) again abate our action by almost costs to apple-pie out the house.

Real acreage advance is absorbing on so abounding levels. We’ve aswell kept some amazing finds larboard abaft – I accept a admirable and admirable piano. One agent texted afterwards move-out that he’d larboard his motorcycle in the barn and the active appellation on the kitchen counter. Afterwards my bedmate had some fun on it… we awash it for thousands. Again, shocking. Why didn’t the buyer advertise it instead of abrogation it for us? Who knows – I gave up cerebration for the sellers years ago.

So abounding belief and so abundant fun.

What hoarder houses accept you gone into? What aces finds accept you gotten with purchase?

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